Tea Cosies Exhibition – The Art Tea Party

I attend a knitting group most Thursday nights and back in January our group was approached to create some tea cosies to accompany an artists exhibition that would be held in the Ulster Museum. The exhibition is being held in support of Marie Curie Cancer Care, a fantastic charity who cares for people with a terminal illness. The artists tea cosies and the ones made by the knitting groups have been donated to the charity with the aim of them being sold after the exhibition with the proceeds going to back to Marie Curie.

I decided to crochet a tea cosy and after a bit of browsing online I bought a book of patterns – Tea Cozies 3 from Amazon. I wanted to do something a bit different so I started to make a butterfly tea cosy using Rowan Pure Merino wool bought specially for it. I didn’t follow the butterfly tea cosy pattern to the letter, this is my interpretation of it.

Here’s my finished cosy.

Creative Pixie butterfly cosy

Creative Pixie butterfly cosy top view


I made 4 butterflies in total, 3 for the top and 1 for the side.

Creative Pixie butterfly cosy label

Of course I had to sew my label into it. My husband bought me the labels a couple of years ago, Love the care instruction – Love & Pixie Dust

So a couple of weeks ago (mid March) was the deadline for the groups tea cosies to be handed over to the exhibition organisers.

That was a fun night, lots of frantic sewing in of loose ends from some people and photographing of the individual cosies.

Knitting group 1

Knitting group 2





So here are the groups tea cosies.

Creative Pixie knitting group 4

Creative Pixie knitting group 3

Creative Pixie knitting group 2

Creative Pixie knitting group 1There was only 2 that were crocheted, mine and the snake one.

Sooooo fast forward to last Friday, the 20th which was the opening night of the exhibition.

art tea party poster

I organised for my sister to babysit so me and Mr Pixie got dressed up for a night out. It was so busy at the museum, loads of people had turned up to show their support.

Here are some of the knitters tea cosies at the exhibition.

Knitters cosies at the exhibition

Knitters cosies at the exhibition 2

My cosy! If you look really closely there’s a red dot on the shelf –  5 minutes into a 5 week exhibition and it had been sold!

There were certainly some wild looking cosies that the artists had created. Here is a selection of some of them.

Creative Pixie Artist group 4

The top left is made from real dead bees 😦 The bottom right one is made up of seeds.

Creative Pixie Artist group 3

Creative Pixie Artist group 2

Creative Pixie Artist group 1

There are plenty more tea cosies that I didn’t get a chance to photograph. If you’re in the Belfast area and you have some free time then please visit the Ulster Museum and have a look around the exhibition yourself.

I’m planning on going back again soon and taking Miss P and Miss E with me so they can see the other tea cosies.

I’ve heard of a coupe of other charity projects I might make something for, does anyone else have any charity makes in the pipeline?

Have a great weekend.

Jean x




25 thoughts on “Tea Cosies Exhibition – The Art Tea Party

    1. At the minute I’m babysitting my nephew about 1 mile from the Kingspan – very busy, anyone would think there was a rugby match on 😉

  1. Congratulations! I am so excited for you and LOVE the pictures you’ve shared! I am in U.S. so won’t be able to see it, so I truly appreciate the article and the pictures. I may see if I can’t get something like this started in Kentucky, the state where I live. Again, congratulations! This is wonderful!

    1. I want to go back and have a proper look at all of them as there were some I didn’t get near as it was so busy.

  2. Great cause and what a fabulous display they all make – but dead bees??! I can’t refuse any plea for help from charities, so I’m always doing something for one good cause or other. Well done on such a quick sale! I can’t believe you used such gorgeous yarn for a tea cosy!!

  3. What a brilliant way of raising funds for a great charity! Your tea cosy looked amazing – I’m not surprised it sold so quickly x

    1. After writing cosies so many times I was beginning to question how it’s spelt. cosies – UK spelling
      cozies – US spelling

  4. Loved reading your blog and delighted to see my Liquorice Allsorts tea cosy on the shelf too. I didn’t make the opening night but will definitely visit the exhibition.

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