Instagram highlights of my week

Here’s a couple of my favourite photos of this week from my Instagram account ( @jeanthecreativepixie).


Miss E brought home a busy bag from nursery school and she got straight to work on sewing numbers with laces without any assistance. She told me that it was just like the Sewing Bee!


This cherry tree was a gift to my parents from my late Aunt. This is the best the blossom has looked,  when we see it we think of her.


This photo makes me laugh as Luna’s toes look like little baked beans! Luna was napping and so content with me taking photos of her.


Last night I took the girls and my nephew for a walk to the nearby Stormont Estate (mostly so they would expend some of their boundless energy before bed). We were hunting for special twigs that could be used as a magic wand or a sword.  On the way home we searched for the homes of the characters from The Gruffalo book. No sign of the Gruffalo though, he lives in Australia (according to Charlie). lol

Let me know if you have an Instagram account as I’d love say “hello”.
Have a good week.
Jean x

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