Rumpelstiltskin at The MAC

Tuesday evening saw a first for our family, our 1st family pantomine/Christmas show and visit to Belfast’s Metropolitan Arts Centre (The MAC ).

Rumplestiltskin postcard

We had been invited to attend the press night launch so I wasn’t sure what to expect. On our arrival we were greeted by the friendly box-office staff who directed us towards the complementary drinks, sweets, festive mince pies and ice-creams courtesy of the sponsors, Lidl Northern Ireland.

CP family

I managed to get a quick photo of us (excuse Miss E, she wasn’t co-operating) before we went into the auditorium. Being in row E we were close to the stage and I was pleasantly surprised how intimate the venue felt.

Rumplestiltskin scenery

The stage was already set up for the production with what appeared to be a gangway across the stage, which was an excellent piece of set design that would become clear in its purpose during the production.

The 4 cast members played their parts brilliantly, singing and participating with the audience. The Miller (Tom Giles), Emily (Doirann McKenna), The King (Michael Lavery) and Rumpelstiltskin (Jo Donnelly) really got into the spirit of their roles. I was in awe of Emily’s memory while she sang the name songs. The King was so funny for the adults as well as the children and we enjoyed his double act with the Miller, who himself shone when the beach balls were released. Last but not least Rumpelstiltskin, his mannerisms when coupled with the dark costume created a genuinely creepy character.

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and on the way home we all shared our favourite bits of the play. In the end the girls asked if we could go back again so I think we’ve started a new family tradition 🙂

Thank you to The MAC and Lidl for a great evening. I would heartily recommend a family visit to see Rumpelstiltskin if you can get a ticket as you won’t be disappointed.

Child £10, Adults £12-£25 and it runs from 26th November to 3rd January 2016

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    1. No I’ve not been weaving, have been too busy crocheting for my sister’s charity coffee morning /craft sale that was on the 28th November.

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