I finished it: Family tree cross stitch

This month I managed to finish an epic cross stitch, a family tree sampler from the Historical Sampler Company Ltd via Sew and So.

I had started this cross stitch last year so that I would have it finished for my parents 40th wedding anniversary.


However my hand eczema flared up and I had to put the cross stitch down until my hands calmed down again. Months passed and I lost my cross stitch mojo (I found my crochet mojo so silver linings and all that) that was until I noticed their wedding anniversary was on the horizon again. I made it my mission to complete the cross stitch and get it framed so that I could present it to them while they were still in their 40th year of marriage. I edited the design somewhat and left out the row of flowers and outer border (I felt they would make it look too fussy).


I just love this little detail on the sampler, this would look gorgeous on its own.
I took me quite a few late nights but I did it!


(names and dates have been blanked out)

It’s the largest piece of cross stitch I have completed to date but I’m proud of my achievement. I took it to a local framers and after some careful consideration we thought that the green mount and dull gold frame would suit the sampler.
My parents were so surprised to receive it and couldn’t believe the work that had gone into it. The plan is to hang it in their hallway until their front room gets redecorated.
Now back to the crocheted baby blankets, 2 more babies have been born to family and friends in the past couple of weeks so I’ve got some new designs I want to try out.


7 thoughts on “I finished it: Family tree cross stitch

  1. Looks beautiful sweetie! I need to try and see if I can still do cross stitch, not sure my eyes can take it but it is such a fun hobby! Your work is gorgeous! Hugz Lisa and Bear

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think good lighting is key to being able to do cross stitch. Hope you and Bear are well, I do enjoy seeing your photos on Instagram. Jean x

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