WIP: Triangles and stripes crochet blanket

Hi all

I hope you had a good weekend. Things have been quiet here, I took a little trip to our local IKEA and bought some lovely candle holders. Of course in order to display them I had to tidy up the mantelpiece and the hearth when I got home. Last night we lit the fire as well so we had a cozy night in.


Last week a new baby, Harry, was born into the family so I decided that I would crochet him a little blanket.

I went through my yarn pegs and chose some colours that I thought would compliment each other.


The colours I chose are all Stylecraft Special DK in cream, sherbert, turquoise and empire. The pattern that is inspiring my blanket is the triangles and stripes blanket I found on Ravelry.

I decided to just repeat the 1st 6 rows of the pattern. You can see that the blanket looks quite chunky, this is because I’m using the DK yarn doubled up to make a thicker yarn.


The blues are incredibly difficult to photograph the obtain the true colour (it doesn’t help that it’s photographed indoors).

So far I’ve done all 4 colour colours in their stripes.


The blanket is working up quickly however I can only really crochet in the evenings after work. I think another 6-8 stripes of colour will be enough to finish it. I am enjoying my 1st foray into filet crochet and think that perhaps in the future I’ll create some other designs of my own.

Speak soon.


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