BB ripple blanket

I thought that I would share with you a project that I had finished last month.

As I said previously there are quite a few babies that have been born or are due to be born in my family and circle of friends. Being a crocheter this is the perfect excuse for me to buy yarn and try out new patterns.

My sister Amy is expecting her 3rd child at the end of November, she had requested a blanket so I thought I’d be prepared and crochet her a blanket in advance of the birth. However since we don’t know if she’s having a boy or a girl I have decided to crochet 2 different blankets, 1 in colours suitable for a boy and another in colours suitable for a girl.

I referred to my yarn pegs for inspiration to get the perfect colour combination.


These colours are all in Stylecraft Special DK: graphite, cream, petrol, parchment, mustard and duck egg.

I chose to work with the yarn doubled up so that the blanket would work up quickly, the ripple pattern is the Attic24 neat ripple pattern.

I started the blanket on the 22nd August (as this is our summer in the UK I enjoyed lots of outdoor crochet).


It seems so long ago that I sat in the garden on a deckchair while my daughters played in their den on the grass.

It didn’t take long for me to finish, in fact it was less than 2 weeks which for me is very fast.


It’s such a thick and warm blanket, I really love how it looks. The mustard is such a warm colour which really lifts the overall look of the blanket as the blue, white and grey could have been quite cold on their own.


This blanket is my sister’s choice if she has a baby boy (hence the BB in the name). I have other colours chosen for the baby girl (BG) blanket which I will share once I have finished that.


I have had lots of love for this blanket on Instagram so am looking forward to starting it’s twin.

Until next time.


8 thoughts on “BB ripple blanket

    1. It was so quick as I doubled up the yarn to make items thick, therefore less stitches were required to be crocheted – win!

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