Triangles and stripes crochet baby blanket

Well Halloween has been and gone and the temperature has dropped a lot, it actually feels like Christmas is coming soon.

I’ve been doing a bit of work on the blog and added in a new header image and updated my Gravatar.

I finally finished my triangles and stripes crochet baby blanket and it has been gifted to baby Harry so now I can share with you the finished photos.

I previously shared with you my colour choices and the 1st couple of rows here.

Turns out that the pattern worked up quickly after this and it was soon finished.


I decided to just do 7 rows of stripes as I wanted the blanket to be the right size for a car seat or pram.

I love how the triangles look, despite all the counting they were easy to do (once I was familiar with the pattern). I think I could have fun doing other filet designs in future 🙂

As I chose to double up the yarn the blanket is extra toasty so if it was any bigger it would be too heavy. It’s such a simple but effective way to crochet.

Now that is done I’ve ordered some more yarn so I can make a start on my sister’s baby girl ripple blanket, can’t believe her baby is due in 3 weeks!

Have a great week.


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