Crochet cat hat

Here’s a quick make that I made this week in a couple of evenings.

As it’s gotten quite frosty in the mornings I wanted to make myself a nice warm hat to wear on those early morning car journeys. I saw on the Not Your Average Crochet blog that Hannah had crocheted a cat hat and following the link to the pattern I had a look and it seemed to be easy enough to make.

I already had some Stylecraft Special DK in Spice however as the pattern called for a chunkier yarn I doubled up the yarn and used a 6mm hook.

The pattern is basically a rectangle of half treble crochet worked in the back loops to give a lovely cabled effect.

It was easy to crochet in the evening while watching Midsomer Murders on the TV (crochet and a good murder mystery is my idea of a relaxing evening).

It worked up so quickly (I didn’t add the brim to the hat, I just turned up the bottom edge of it) that I had finished it in less than 24 hours.

I’m quite pleased with how the cute little ears look, who would’ve have thought that just sewing the corners of a rectangle could be so effective.

This is definitely a pattern I’m going to revisit , perhaps by making some hats for my children , we could be a little family of cats!

Have a great weekend.



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