Paintbox yarn v-stitch baby blanket

Another week and I’ve got another finished baby blanket to share with you, this one is for beautiful baby Bethany.

Back in September I saw a picture from Design Seeds and I loved the colours featured.


The colours are so zingy!

I had heard of a brand new yarn from Love Knitting, called Paintbox Yarns that perfectly matched the colours I wanted to use so I ordered some balls of aran.


I ordered 6 balls of Paintbox Yarns in Simply Aran weight (£2.25 for 100g acrylic) of the following colours:

Top row – Bright peach (211)

Middle row (L-R) – Spearmint green (225), Banana cream (220)

Bottom row (L-R) – Champagne white (202), Bubblegum pink (250), Marine blue (233)

I wanted to crochet the blanket using a v-stitch, a stitch I had never used before. I was surprised by how easy it is as it’s as simple as trebles and chains.


As you can see the main body of the pattern is made up of a treble into a 2 chain space, followed by 2 chains and another treble into the 2 chain space again. A treble is then crocheted into the next 2 chain space and so on.


I had no particular order for the row colours, I was just random colour choices so they’ve been quite successful. The downside of so many colour changes is sewing in all those loose ends.


I was quite lazy and left them all to the end to sew in…never again as it took hours!


I was so pleased to get the blanket finished, the aran yarn makes it feel so thick and warm.


I just love seeing how well all the colours look together. The soft yarn was a pleasure to work with (no knots) and it washes and tumble dries well, something important when making blankets for children. I’d love to try the cotton Paintbox Yarn to see what that’s like as I’m sure that would make some lovely amigurumi toys or mandalas.

After gifting the present to Bethany I received a thank you note from her Mummy saying this:

…we absolutely adore the gorgeous blanket…she has been taking it to bed

with her since she got it…we appreciate all your hard work.

Folks, this is why I use crochet to make gifts for people, I love to make people happy.

I hope you’re well and have a lovely week ahead planned.

Take care and speak soon.




9 thoughts on “Paintbox yarn v-stitch baby blanket

  1. Pretty! I’m loving Paintbox yarns at the minute. I’ve been making a scarf with the aran and yes, no knots! I’ve made some Christmas baubles with the cotton and it seems good. Not as nice as Drops Muskat but not as splitty as Rico Creative Cotton. And I think it’s better than the Stylecraft Classique cotton too but that’s still quite good. (I recently bought a couple of each to see which I preferred- I’m not a weird cotton junkie or anything).

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