My own knitted socks


Last year, on the 1st of May,  I had started to knit a pair of socks for myself using 4ply sock yarn from Opal (in the Kim colourway) and following the Winwick Mum sock pattern from the Super Socks book by Christine Perry.

Fast forward to Easter 2017 when I remembered that they were in a box and I still hadn’t finished them (I had put them away to concentrate on several crochet projects).

I was 2/3 of the way through the 1st sock (I stopped during the gusset) so quickly made my way through that one and started on its twin.

This was my 1st pair of socks made using small circular needles. I used my Knitpro double pointed needles (dpns) to cast on, do the heel and toes. The circular needles were so quick and easy to use during the leg and foot of the sock, I’d recommend using them if dpns put you off sock knitting.

I used my little rainbow skull numbered stitch markers to help see where I should decrease.

This is also the first pair of socks that I’ve used the ‘dreaded’  kitchener stitch to finish the toes. I have used Russian grafting for my previous socks but thought I should try this method, to try and push myself. I have to say that it’s not as bad as I was expecting, a quiet room and lots of concentration and it’s actually quite easy to do. It gave me a lovely smooth finish so I’ll definitely use it in the future.

So here are my finished socks, finished just 1 day short of a year from casting them on.

Now I have 3 pairs of plain socks under my belt I want to try something different for my next pair, either matching stripes or knitting a plain coloured sock but with a pattern. Any sock pattern suggestions will be appreciated.

Until next time.

13 thoughts on “My own knitted socks

  1. Really cute ! I’ve only knitted one pair so far, and plain one, so can’t suggest much. I wanted to try Gentle Waves by Eskimimi but never had the time !

    1. I’ve just looked that up, it’s a gorgeous pattern. One to put in my library for when I’m an expert knitter

    1. Thanks. It’s not complicated but a finished sock always looks impressive. If you can knit then you CAN create your own socks.

  2. Those are fab socks, such happy colours and you should be super-proud of them! I’m glad you finally finished them as they’ll keep your feet much warmer now 😉 xx

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