Afterthought heel of doom 

Several weeks ago I decided that I needed a little knitting project to take away on holiday. A simple vanilla sock project would be small enough but I didn’t want to have to worry about doing a heel flap or gusset. I had bought a gorgeous self striping ball of yarn from Twisted Limone on Etsy in the colourway Midnight Rainbow.

After looking on Instagram I noticed that quite a few stripey socks were knitted up with afterthought heels. For those who don’t know,  an afterthought heel involves knitting up a tube sock and then cutting into the finished sock to insert a heel (which is effectively another toe in shape) which doesn’t disrupt the even pattern of the stripes.

I looked online for a tutorial to show me how to do this step by step and I found an afterthought heel tutorial by Louise Tilbrook on her blog.

I knitted up both my socks first before I tackled the afterthought heel ‘of doom’ (scary biccies… I mean who wants to cut into their knitting.  😰 ) .

They worked up quite quickly, probably due to me wanting to knit ‘just one more stripe’. I selected a contrasting yellow wool (from Green Elephant Yarns)  for the heel, to mirror the yellow in the speckled stripes.

Once completed I took the steps as outlined in the tutorial: pick up stitches, select which stitch to snip and unravel the stitches.

Once I unravelled the yarn it was relatively simple to attach the new yarn and knit up the heels.

Look, see my lovely heels!

My daughter claimed these socks as I was knitting them, despite me buying the yarn for myself.

First ever pair of afterthought heel socks – done! Another knitting goal met.

Sock notes

Self striping yarn – Midnight Rainbow by @twistedlimone 

Yellow solid – by @greenelephantyarn 

Afterthought heel by @louisetilbrookdesigns

I talk about these socks, the pros and cons of afterthought heels and other WIP’s in episode 2 of my podcast, you can find it here. If you enjoy watching it then please subscribe to my channel Jean the Creative Pixie where you will be notified of new videos when I upload them.

Have a great weekend.

9 thoughts on “Afterthought heel of doom 

    1. Thanks. I saw that method using waste yarn but I wanted to do a true afterthought while I was away from home.

    1. Yes I did have to read up a couple of different tutorials just to be sure I was following a correct method.

  1. Oh my gosh! Your socks look perfect! I have not heard of the “cutting method” and I would have never tried myself. I totally would have botched it. You did a great job and I applaud you for taking that plunge and cutting your knitting. You are awesome!

    1. Aww thank you. I’m deliberately trying a lot of new techniques with my knitting and it’s actually really good to achieve these new goals, I recommend doing it yourself.

  2. Oh, Jean, I haven’t been by your blog in such a long time for so many reasons – none are about you. I love these socks!! You are so creative, and I must come back more often. I thought I followed you, but I haven’t been getting emails, so I’ll check to make sure. if I’m signed up or not, I will do it now.
    Then, I’m going to hop around and look at some more of your sweet items. Thank you for stopping by Leisure Lane. I hope to see you again soon. Have a wonderful night!!
    Marianne ♥

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