Midweek waffle 

Today I’m doing a little post to share a couple of snippets from my week. 

Visiting: We called down to our new favourite place, Rowallane Gardens on Saturday. We didn’t visit the formal gardens, instead we took a walk along the woodland route. It was just beautiful and autumnal plus there was a definite drop in temperature so we wrapped up in our woollies and walked round whilst searching for a perfect stick, anyone else have children who love to do this? 

Reading: This week I started reading Caraval by Stephanie Garber. Published early in 2017,  it became viral through the bookstagram community. I bought a hardback copy as soon as it was released but my husband read it before me as I was working my way through my to read pile. I’m enjoying it so far, it’s a quick read and it shouldn’t take me long to get through the 400+ pages.

Crafting: After finishing worsted boxy sweater I’ve picked up my Easy Lace Socks again. This pattern is by Winwick Mum and is a fab beginners lace pattern. I’m knitting it from a Dye Candy OOAK that I bought on my summer holidays, it is just perfect for this project. 

If you enjoyed this little post why don’t you join in too leaving your blog link in the comments or using the #midweekwaffle hashtag on social media.

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