Midweek waffle 

Hey how’s things with you this week? Here’s a snippet of my week.

Reading: I finished Caraval by Stephanie Garber (see last week), it was OK but I don’t think it lived up to the hype. I would give it 3/5⭐. I have read a couple of fantasy books recently so I decided to take a break from them and choose a more down to earth story for my next read. I have started reading ‘My Not So Perfect Life’ by Sophie Kinsella. I’m a fan of her style of writing so it should be an enjoyable read. 

Crafting: I’ve started a new knitting project, my first piece of colorwork knitting which is proving a bit stressful for a newbie like me. Reading the chart is a bit puzzling so I’ve had a look online to try and get myself acquainted with this method. I’ll discuss this more in a post over the weekend. 

On Monday I placed an order with Woolwarehouse for some lovely wool I want to use in a shawl pattern,  I can’t wait to share my colour choices with you. 

Watching: We’ve been watching The Walking Dead. Yes, I know we’re extremely late to this zombie party (7 years late) 😳.  We’re also watching Stranger Things 2 and The Good Place

Family: We found out this week that my 9 year old daughter needs orthodontic braces on her teeth. It’ll be done in 2 stages, the 1st brace will be fitted  on her top teeth for a short while in December. Then when she’s 13 she’ll have to have braces on her bottom teeth. Thank goodness for the NHS as it’s not going to be cheap.

Overall it’s been a bit of a quiet week, sometimes it’s nice to take it easy. 

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