Midweek waffle 

We’re heading towards the end of November and my girls can’t wait to get the Christmas decorations up. I keep telling them we’ve got to wait until the 1st December so not long to go. 

Here’s a little round up of my week.

Reading: I’m still reading ‘My not so perfect life’ by Sophie Kinsella. I was thinking of maybe starting an audio book so that I can still read while knitting.

Watching: Blue Planet 2. How fantastic is this programme, it just surprises me each week, the animals are amazing.

Going: On a cold Sunday my girls wanted to go for a walk in park near my parents house so I thought we’d do a good deed for my Mum and take her dog for a walk with us.

As you can see from the photo,  the dog was not keen on walking without his mistress – he kept looking back for her and I ended up having to carry him part of the way.

Receiving: This week I received a fabulous parcel from the lovely peeps at Love knitting – some of their new Paintbox sock yarn to try out. I’ll write a review once I use it but so far I can tell you that it’s lovely and soft.

I also placed an order for some Debbie Bliss Rialto wool and from Woolwarehouse for a crochet project I have planned.

That yellow is so zingy!

Crafting: I’ve not been doing much knitting this week however I have finished one of the Easy Lace Socks. The 2nd sock will knit up much quicker now that I can follow my hand written notes that I scrawled on the pattern.

I’ve started the ribbing and will transfer it onto mini circular needles. I’m already thinking about my next pair of socks…. I just want to knit all the things! 😩 

If you’d like to join in sharing your week just use the #midweekwaffle tag on social media.

3 thoughts on “Midweek waffle 

  1. Love your new yarns! I have been eyeing those Paint Box yarns and look forward to hearing what you think about them. And I have heard the Debbie Bliss yarns are wonderful, though I have not tried them yet. Would like to do the Spicier Life Blanket with the Debbie Bliss yarns someday.

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