Midweek waffle 

I’m a day late which is down to me doing a bit of Christmas shopping last night. How are your Christmas plans coming on? Here’s a little round up of my week. 

Watching: The Strictly Come Dancing final was on Saturday night and my girls were quite excited about it this year. 

Source: radiotimes.com

Every Saturday night we were treated to fabulous costumes and dance routines  that were then reenacted in the living room by Miss P and Miss E. They were happy that their favourite celebrity won. They would’ve liked to go to the live tour in January but unfortunately the tickets are just too expensive. As I write this my girls are dancing a routine to the ‘Walking on Sunshine’ song at the other end of the living room 🙄. 

It’s that time of year when we buy the Radio Times TV showing the TV listings for the Christmas period. I’ve got the TIVO box  set to record several TV shows including, Little Women, The Miniaturist, Ratburger, A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong – these are sure to be good shows. If you have any UK TV recommendations then please let me know.

Crafting : Since I’d finished the Easy Lace Socks I wanted to cast on a new project that was a bit mindless. I had a look in my Ravelry library and found The Sockhead hat – a slouchy beanie type hat.

I’m using the magic loop method of knitting and the wool is Fluormania by Regia, it’s a really bright neon pink and blue which I think is perfect for a hat.

I love it when my project bag matches my knitting ❤️. 

A friend from work has recently got into needle felting and she gifted me a couple of her makes. 

The Christmas pudding was one of the first things she made – it’s brilliant isn’t it. The red and white ball decoration will go on my Christmas tree. The balls are solid wool and it can take a long time to get them really dense and that’s before they’re decorated. I really appreciate the time it takes to make each one so thank you Karen. 

Family : this week my parents got a new puppy. They had one of their darling old dogs pass away earlier in the year so we have waited a long time for this little lady to arrive. 

Isn’t she adorable, such a beautiful little cocker spaniel.  My daughters have fallen in love with her, as have I. It’s like having our own puppy then we get to go home at the end of the day and not have to clean up the poop – win! 

Here’s a photo of me holding her when she was sleeping, just to give you an idea of how small she is. She’s teething at the minute which is a bit scary for the children when she tries to nibble their toes and fingers but she is also keen on showering them with licks. 

That’s it for this week, I’m off work now for the Christmas holidays so will be enjoying lazy time at the home with family and friends. I wish you all a very happy Christmas to you and your family. 

4 thoughts on “Midweek waffle 

  1. Can’t wait to see more of your Beanie. Love the colors and the striping looks awesome! Aw, the puppy is so, so cute!! I have been thinking about getting a puppy lately, but I always come back to “I’m the one who will have to take care of it and clean up poop”. So, no puppy yet, 😉 Enjoy that cute little guy!

    1. Thanks for your comments Ginny. Bonnie is so cute and settling in well. Their other dog is now allowing her to tag along so it’s going slowly but he is beginning to accept her.

  2. Love the colors on the yarn, should be a beautiful hat :). Puppies are wonderful and lots of work lol. Papper training, nip training, chew training, but they are adorable and bring so much love in a house. I miss having ferrets :).

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