Bicycle book sleeve

This past week the weather in the UK has been quite bad due to snow and storms. Temperatures have been in the minus all week and on Friday we had a snow day off work/school because of the amber alert conditions (for ice and snow).

To make the most of this bonus day off work I decided to make a book sleeve for myself. For those who don’t know the purpose of a book sleeve – it’s a fabric pouch that you store the book you are reading in while it’s being carried in your handbag/rucksack. I don’t know about you but I’m quite precious about my books and hate it when the cover or pages get damaged. By using a book sleeve this damage is prevented plus you have a cute little pouch.

fat quarters

I got out my basket of fat quarter fabrics to see which one I wanted to use. I really should get some more as it’s so inspiring to look at them and think of different projects to use them for.

chosen book sleeve fabrics

I ended up choosing this gorgeous yellow Riley Blake bicycle fabric for the outer and a pale grey mosaic fabric for the inner. A thin wadding is sandwiched in between to make the sleeve a bit more sturdier.

finished book sleeve

When I finished the sleeve my youngest daughter claimed it for herself (yellow is her favourite colour). I didn’t really mind as it gives me an excuse to make another one for myself.

book sleeve and book

Miss E allowed me to take some photos of the finished sleeve and even got out a book to go in it. She bought this book at her school book fair this week. She is reading it herself at bedtime and is making her way through it. She is becoming a confident little reader and loves to read out loud to me and her Daddy.

Book sleeve and toys

I asked her to get out a couple of her little toys so they could be in the photo too and surprise surprise 2 of her little yellow ducks are here, she really does love the yellow.

Now that’s done I’m the only member of the family without my own book sleeve. I’ll have to look through my basket and see what fabric to use, either that or do some online shopping 😉

Would you like me to create a tutorial so you can make your own book sleeve? If enough people want it I might do one.

Catch up again soon and stay warm where ever you are.


9 thoughts on “Bicycle book sleeve

  1. How sweet and what a nice idea, Jean. Thank you for sharing this. I hope it gets warmer for you soon. Spring here came early, but we haven’t seen the sun since the end of January. And the humidity has been in the 80s and 90s every day – ugh!! It’s really doing a number on the sinuses.

    Have a wonderful day, Jean and keep creating!

    Marianne xo

  2. You definitely need to make yourself a book sleeve (or two in case another gets hijacked 🙂 ) I had never heard of a book sleeve before, but it really is a great idea. I stopped at a garage/craft sale a couple of summers ago and the owner had bags of every shape and size made of fun fabrics hanging all over. She also made those arm chair thread collector and pinchushion things. I bought one of those and then saw a little bag with handles made from a darling frog print that I just had to have; mostly for the cute frogs. It has become my “book bag” as it is just the right size for carrying my current book on the go. I wish I had picked up that woman’s card as I would love to have more bags. Maybe I could make my own book sleeve 😉

    1. You should give it a go, it’s easy once you get your head round how to do the lining.

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