Midweek waffle – 7th March 2018

Well what a week of  weather! It has been freezing – literally. In fact we had a snow day off work/school on Friday 1st. We woke up to a cold house as the boiler had stopped working during the night but thankfully I knew how to get it working again. We had 3 full days at home as our road was icy and since we live up a hill I didn’t want to go out in the car.

I did get out and take a photo before it got bad.

snowy road

We were due to have a friend fly over from England to spend the weekend with us but he couldn’t even get to Birmingham Airport as the snow was so bad with him, just as well though as his flight was then cancelled.

With the constant freezing temperatures I was conscious that the birds in the garden might have difficultly finding food  so Miss E and myself went out each day to make sure they had some bread. Miss E wants to make some fat balls so I must pick up some lard and seeds. I think our little wren, robin and sparrow friends appreciated it.

feed the birds

Much of my activities this week have been a result of being at home. We have watched lots of TV and the cats have been very snuggly. This is Luna, she made herself all comfortable on one of the velvet cushions perched on the edge of the sofa.


Crafting: To make the most of a my snow day I brought out my sewing machine and made a book sleeve. I wrote a post all about it here. I have given the knitting a break this week as my thumbs have been sore so don’t want to make it worse. I am thinking about starting a new crochet project and have been scouring Ravelry for 1 skein shawl inspiration.

I don’t know about you but I love stationery and am always checking out the stationery aisle in the shops. I bought these cute little foam stickers from the local supermarket with the intention of using them on some of my notebooks. However when my girls saw them they had to have them…the story of my life .


Eating: My youngest daughter made me a cake to thank me for her book sleeve, there’s eleventy million sprinkles on it. cake

Listening: This week have been making the most of my library membership. With Libraries NI you can download ebooks, audiobooks and magazines online for free using the Overdrive app.  Overdrive is brilliant to use and as far as I’m aware it is available to use internationally. My eldest daughter has been listening to some of the Series of Unfortunate Events books and I listened to an Agatha Raisin audiobook.

Agatha Raisin

It’s especially well worth having a look at what audiobooks are available as they usually quite expensive to buy from Audible and other sellers.

That’s it for this week, don’t forget to join in using the #midweekwaffle tag.



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