Midweek waffle – 14th March 2018

Mother’s Day – This is past week saw Mother’s Day happen in the UK. My girls were very kind, made me cards and potted up some little teacup primroses.

I also hinted to my husband that I would like a dress pattern after seeing a gorgeous jersey dress online .

It’s the Zadie dress by Tilly and the Buttons. I saw the dress that Ellie made on her Craft House Magic podcast and thought it looked stylish yet comfortable, plus who can’t resist a dress with pockets πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. I hope to find a suitable fabric online then I can get started sewing it.

The Warm Amber and Fig candle is one I picked up in Sainsbury’s – it came gift wrapped in a beautiful box and the candle itself is inside a gold glass holder. When lit the candle has a lovely heady perfume, which makes a change from the wax melts I’ve been using in my warmer.

Yarny stuff – I decided to pick up my crochet hook and start a little project of my own design.

The wool is Araucania Botany Lace, a 100% wool in 2 ply colour PT1948, which I bought a couple of years ago. It’s a gorgeous multicoloured wool in which the colour changes every couple of inches.

I’m making up the pattern as I go along, I might rip out the most recent rows and keep going to make it a triangle shawl.

I took a notion a couple of days ago to wind up my own hand dyed sock yarn into a ball. I have an amish yarn swift which is great to use but it was tough on my hands winding up the yarn. I finally to admitted to my husband that I need a ball winder and he’s ordered one for me – such a love 😍.

Watching – as I mentioned earlier I’ve been watching some YouTube podcasts. I love to get project ideas and I’m always adding to my Ravelry library.

My cat, Flynny loves to watch iPad with me, here she is watching Jooles from the Sew Sweet Violet podcast. It’s funny as her sister Luna isn’t that fussed with the iPad but Flynny likes to play cat games on it too.

Family – Apart from all the crafty stuff I’ve been busy at work, in the house and ferrying my girls to their various clubs and stuff. My youngest needed new school shoes 3 months before the end of the academic year so I had to get her new ones – she tried on every single style in the shop before she settled on a black patent pair. My eldest couldn’t find any new casual shoes fit her feet – size 2 is too small and 3 is too big – grr.

Well that’s that’s all the waffle I can think of this week, I’ll catch up with you again soon.

3 thoughts on “Midweek waffle – 14th March 2018

  1. catching up on blog reading, my daughter told me about those Sainsbury candles and how great they are. I have to check them out.

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