Nine Lives Shawlette

I’m going to the Woollinn, Dublin’s Festival of Yarn on Saturday 26th May. Yeo! I’m really excited to go and be part of the press pool – so I’ll be sharing photos and hopefully some little videos on my Instagram Stories. I will be driving down to Dublin myself so fingers crossed it’ll be smooth journey.

I wanted to knit or crochet an item to join in with the Woollinn Kal.

The only stipulation was that I had to commit to making something designed by a Woollinn special guest and/or using a product from one of the Woollinn vendors.

I chose to crochet the Nine Lives Shawlette by Becky Robinson using Shockwave sock yarn by Green Elephant Yarn (one of the Woollinn vendors).

It looked like it would be a quick make using 1 skein of wool, infact I ended up using just 68g to make the shawlette.

It had been a while since I had crocheted following a pattern so even though it was a simple pattern I did have to frog back a couple of rows as my stitch count was different from that specified. As the shawlette was an asymmetric design I did question if I was crocheting it right – especially since there was no photo of the finished design laid out flat.

I ended up blocking the finished shawlette on the washing line. This really helped to reassure me that I had done the decreases correctly.

I used pegs to weigh down the points and open out the stitch definition.

So here’s the finished shawlette, it spans my arm length perfectly.

The points were gently blocked, I might have need to invest in some mats and blocking pins for future projects that may require a more vigorous blocking.

I’ll be wearing this on Saturday so if you see a neon pink shawlette in Woollinn Dublin, it’ll probably be me so do come say hello!

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