Buttercup socks

This is a ‘ta-dah’ post, I finished my Woollinn cast on this afternoon which was super quick for me. I cast on these socks the morning of my visit to the Woollinn, Dublin on the 25th May – so 16 days to complete.

I had chosen this beautiful sock yarn from Lay Family Yarns on Etsy in a beautiful speckled yellow.

I decided to keep it simple and knit a tube and insert an afterthought heel afterwards.

These socks were a true knit anywhere project, I knit them in the garden…

I even took them to the beach.

This was my view at Crawfordsburn beach in County Down, Northern Ireland.

After 3 weeks of sunny warm days I guess people are tired of the weather so it was a lot quieter than I expected at the beach (a large Scout group turned update not long after I took this photo).

So back to the socks. I decided to knit a new toe on these socks so looked online and found a lovely simple toe method called the star toe.

This basically involved dividing the stitches onto 4 DPNs, inserting 4 stitch markers equidistant around the stitches and then knitting 2 stitches together before each marker on every other round.

As these socks are for my youngest daughter (whose favourite colour is yellow) I needed her to try on the sock before I could insert the heel. I used the same star toe pattern for the heel as well. So while we watched a couple of episodes of Doctor Who I did the heels. For some reason I had a bit of trouble doing the second one heel, I must’ve picked up the wrong stitches. I managed to get it sorted and sew in all the ends before Miss E got to wear them.

The socks are longer than ankle socks but not quite knee socks on her little legs.

I owe the speed of this project to them being true afterthought heel socks knit using mini circular needles. I’m definitely going to knit another pair using this method, in fact I’ve already chosen the yarn 😂.

Yarn: main colour – buttercup byLay Family Yarns. Contrast colour – blue mini skein by Green Elephant Yarn

Pattern: vanilla socks with star toes and afterthought heels.

Have a great week.

Jean x

8 thoughts on “Buttercup socks

  1. My, Jean…these are so pretty. I love the buttercup name as I love buttercups. I grew up with real buttercups up in New Jersey, but in Texas we don’t really have them. Back to your socks…I love the blue you chose on the toes and heals. It must be so much fun to be able to knit your own socks!! Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely day.
    Marianne ♥

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