My hand dyed yarn socks

This is a blog post that has been 5 months in the making, from undyed yarn to finished socks.

Back in February I attended a yarn dyeing workshop held by Hutch of Dye Candy at the Row by Roe wool shop in Limavady.

Before going on the course I searched for photo inspiration on Pinterest and found this fabulous photo.

Source – Pinterest

I love the blues, purples and yellow highlights of the little budgie.

After a couple of hours at the workshop I had my own hand painted skein of sock wool.

Source – Row by Roe

The yarn is so beautiful (even if I do say so myself) but it took me a while to ball up as I just couldn’t help but squish the skein.

I had asked on Instagram for suggestions on what I could make with the single skein. In the end I decided to make… you’ve guessed it…. another pair of socks.

The back ground behind this choice is that my husband had been extremely ill and had to be hospitalised so I wanted to knit something that didn’t require much thought and could be portable. I took the project to the hospital when I visited and also sat out in the garden knitting them.

So these socks are for my eldest daughter, who is growing up so fast that I thought I could use my own feet for size. Continuing on with my afterthought heel experiment I decided to use the round toe design for the heels and toes.

These were executed in the same way as the star toe of my previous socks (my Woollinn cast on socks) in that no kitchener stitches were required to close the toe, the stitches were simply gathered together and the wool fastened.

I found the heels and toes to be more ‘pointy’ than the star toe (ironic since it is the round toe design). I started the afterthought heel 1 inch in the from the back of my foot as opposed to the 2 inches I did in my previous socks. This did make it fit better.

So here are the socks in their entirety.

I’m glad that I knit the socks all in the same wool as I had originally thought of doing contrasting cuffs, toes and heels.

I took some photos out in the garden, look at our little apples!

Our blackberries are also doing well despite the hosepipe ban.

Again I enjoyed using the afterthought heel method however I prefer the star toe to the round toe for fit and appearance.

Next pair of socks I think I’ll try the German short row heel method and see how I get on with that.

In related news I’ve bought myself some dyes and undyed sock wool so the adventures in dyeing my own wool shall continue during my time off work in the summer.

Jean x

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