Crochet Loft Shawl

During the summer holidays I like to start (and finish) a large yarny project as I have time off work that I can dedicate to creating it. This summer I wanted to crochet a shawl using some wool/silk fingering weight yarn from my stash.

The 2 greys are from Skein Queen and the yellow is from Bear in Sheep’s Clothing. They’re so silky and perfect for a shawl that’s to be worn around my neck.

After a hunt on Ravelry I came across a 3 skein pattern by Fay Dashper-Huges called the Loft Shawl. This looked to be exactly what I was looking for – a simple, asymmetric, crocheted 3 skein shawl that shouldn’t take much brainpower.

On the 12th July I started crocheting, starting at the smallest end it grew quickly.

The pattern was made up of blocks of colour and of stripes. The colour blocks actually showed the grey yarn to be tonal whereas in the skein it looked quite solid to me.

The pattern is extremely well written and comes with a sheet to help count off the rows and stitches – which is needed when you’re working on 200+rows with a stitch count that increases rapidly. There’s also a link on the pattern to a private YouTube tutorial.

I would’ve completed the shawl in 3 weeks but I had put the project on a 1 week time out after having to frog back 10 rows (done in one evening when I thought, “nah, I don’t need to count I’ve got this” 🤷🏻‍♀️). That’s approximately 1500 stitches 🤦🏻‍♀️.

I finished the shawl on the 10th August, taking just short of 4 weeks and I was so glad. It’s my first big project that required stitches to be counted in this way and I have to say that I changed my counting technique a couple of times during the process. By the end I was so fed up with counting that I didn’t bother for the last 12 rows. If I made this design again I would definitely not bother with counting, I’d just enjoy the process.

Ta-dah! Here’s the finished shawl.

After soaking and blocking, the shawl grew to be longer than my span, which is what you want for a shawl like this. FYI I used Eucalan for the first time when soaking this shawl and was pleasantly surprised by how much easier it made the washing of woollens as no rinsing was required – win!

In some ways I’m looking forward to the cooler weather of autumn so I can wear it.

It’s big enough to go round my shoulders as a wrap too.

So now this is over I’ve already started my next project, some colourwork knitting! Thinking ahead to Christmas 🙊.

Jean x

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