Speedy Selbu Mittens

It was one of my crafting resolutions this year was to try and do some colourwork knitting.

Some people I follow on YouTube and Instagram had recommended knitting some traditional Norwegian Selbu Mittens, a small colourwork project, as it would teach me how to read knitting charts and the actual techniques required of colourwork.

I had a look on Ravelry and saw that Skeindeer Knits was about to host the Selbu Mitten Club II. Starting in September, 1 mitten pattern will be released at the beginning of each month with the last one being released in December. When buying the ebook a bonus pattern of Speedy Selbu Mittens was issued. What appealed to me about this club is the fact it was designed with beginners in mind and that the patterns get more ‘difficult’ each month starting with an aran pair, followed by 2 x DK pairs, a sport weight pair and finally a fingering weight pair of mittens.

I visited one of my local yarn shops and picked up some Drops Nepal in colours 8905 (blue/green) and 0100 (cream). These are quite ‘woolly’ yarns that I have thought would add to the rustic look of the finished mittens.

The mittens actually worked up quite quickly once I got past the ribbing I used my 3.75mm Knitpro Zing’s for this bit (which I dislike) and then once I was on to the main body I swapped to my 5mm Prym Ergonomics DPNs. I must remember to buy myself more of the smaller sizes.

I was so pleased to get the 1st part of the pattern complete and have the design look like it should.

Look at this pattern, all those little v’s, who would’ve thought alternating colours could be so pleasing to the eye.

I completed the second mitten quicker than the first as I had a better idea of what I was doing. On completion I could see how the mittens would benefit from wet blocking. Stitches would be evened out and the general shape improved. I didn’t have any mitten blockers some people had suggested making my own but I couldn’t be bothered with that faff so went online and found the cutest mouse mitten blockers on The Knitting Shed website.

I soaked my mittens in some Eucalan wool wash, wrapped them in a towel to squeeze out much of the moisture and then put them onto the blockers to dry completely.

The next photo demonstrates how effective the blocking was.

The blocked mittens are flatter and the topside of the design is more even.

Now its September it is officially autumn but I think it’ll be be a little while before these are needed.

But you know what…. I’ve already cast on my next pair. 😜

Jean x

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