Trying new things – arm knitting

Last month my sister asked if I would like to attend an arm knitting workshop at her church. I had previously seen adverts for arm knitting classes to create a small blanket but to be honest I had been put off by the price. This workshop seemed much more affordable as it was only £20 to knit a large cowl.

When we arrived at the workshop my sister and I chose what colour of jumbo merino yarn we would like to work with. Amy picked a rich green and I was drawn to an autumnal orange.

The tutor took us through the steps of casting on and then doing the actual arm knitting.

Being a knitter myself I thought that this would be easier than it actually was. My downfall was not making sure that the stitches weren’t twisted. This affected the look of my knitting making it look untidy but once I discovered what the problem was I just frogged back and started again – the joy of working in jumbo yarn is that it doesn’t take a long time to complete a project.

It was a bit tricky binding off so that both ends of the cowl were joined together but once joined it was seamless.

The thick merino wool is so warm and would be so cosy to wear on a cold winters walk, but it is ridiculously huge! Will I wear it as a cowl – probably not. I’m thinking of frogging it again and making a cushion cover or a cat snug.

I had a fun evening, thanks Amy!

Has anyone else had a go at arm knitting, if so what did you make?

Have a good weekend

Jean x

6 thoughts on “Trying new things – arm knitting

  1. They came out beautiful. I will try soon. Thank you for sharing. My 8 year old daughter may enjoy it as well.

    1. I’d only recently become aware of it, I suppose it’s easier than handling enormous knitting needles.

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