Christmas Socks

Back towards the end of 2018 I decided that I wanted to knit up some socks for Christmas. I managed to get hold of some of Stranded Dyeworks Christmas colourway – Naughty List in MCN (merino cashmere nylon 80/10/10) which is so silky soft.

The plan was that this would be background project that I would knit while taking a break from my Christmas present knitting. I would just knit up a sock tube and add in an afterthought heel, the same as the star shaped toe. I had some minis in my stash so decided on a gorgeous emerald green by Hedgehog Fibres – in the Hunter colourway.

Things started off well but then I lost my knitting mojo. December went quickly and then January too. I started a little crochet project while I waited for the urge to knit to return.

Last week (early February) I decided that I would like to finish this project so I picked up the needles again and actually whizzed through it.

The star toes and heels worked up really well and I think this is the best pair of afterthought heel socks I have knit – it only took me about 4 pairs to perfect my method 🤦🏻‍♀️.

In the end it took me about 2 days to finish half a sock tube and knit 2 toes and 2 heels.

I love this green, there are tiny flecks of blue through it that match the blue in the main yarn.

So here are my finished socks.

They fit really well, and the heels are in the right position (which can be hit or miss in afterthought heels).

I finished the socks yesterday (17th) but couldn’t take any photos until today due to the light, at least it is staying lighter in the afternoons as Spring is around the corner.

I’m now thinking to my next project and I might revisit a WIP that’s been sitting for a while… I’m all about the green wool at the moment. 💚

Speak soon


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