Insulate! Hat

Today I am sharing the last hat that I knit, which is the Insulate! hat by Amy Van Der Laar.

This hat choice came about as I wanted to knit something that covered these bases:

1- suitable for the 2 yarns I had chosen

2 – it’s a colourwork pattern

3 – it’s a quick knit

The main colour I wanted to use was a beautiful blue BFL/Masham DK weight wool from the Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co.
For the contrast colour I had a grey Acaida by The Fibre Company in my stash. This wool despite its rustic look was very soft due to it’s fibre content of 60% merino wool/20% alpaca/20% silk.

Now I don’t know about you but this blue reminded me very much of the colour of the TARDIS from Doctor Who so off I went to Ravelry to see what Whovian patterns I could find. I saw this pattern featuring Daleks and knew that the blue and grey wools would look great in it.

The Insulate! pattern seemed to fit my requirements so I quickly wound up my skeins and cast on…. however I had to stop after a couple of rows as I came across a problem. The blue wool was rubbing blue dye off on my hands, I had never heard of this happening before apparently it can be a common problem with indigo dyed wool. Infact it’s even got a name – crocking. I went online to see what I could do and in the end I reskeined the wool and soaked it in a vinegar bath and then in several water baths. This helped a lot and once the wool was dry I started knitting with it.

I had a couple of issues knitting this pattern, it was straight forward enough but I did have to ‘tink’ back several times as I wasn’t sure about stitch marker placement.
The grey wool wasn’t of an even texture and had ‘bobbly’ bits through it which caused some uneven looking stitches.

This hat was for my husband so I knit up the largest size but it still wasn’t long enough so in the end I had to cut the ribbing off the ‘finished’ hat and knit an extra 7cm of knitting and ribbing. It looks ok but could be neater to my eye.

Overall I do like the hat, it took just 3 days to knit (much longer if you count the reskeining, soaking and drying faff) and my husband really likes it. It has been put away for his birthday next month, which will be just in time for the hat wearing season.

I hope you enjoyed reading these hat posts. I’m going to give hat knitting a break now as I’ve some other Christmas projects in the pipeline. Do you have any Christmas knitting planned, I’d love to hear.

Speak again soon


3 thoughts on “Insulate! Hat

  1. That looks pretty cool, wish I loved color work more, but I’m gonna have to give it some love because I want to knit the baa-ble hat, cowl and mitts 😛

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