Fabel Sweater

Back in September I decided that I wanted to knit my niece a jumper for her 3rd birthday. It’s turned into a bit of a tradition for me to knit her something each year as a gift and while she’s still small I’m happy to continue.

I saw a gorgeous jumper on Instagram and thought that she would love it so much. The pattern is the Fabel Sweater and it is knit using the intarsia technique.

Miss P suits both the magenta and blue colours suggested in the designers photos so I decided to knit up a blue version. I measured her to make sure I was going to knit the right size, aged 3-4.

I chose Stylecraft Bellisima Chunky for the majority of the jumper and unicorn mane, my sister recommended this yarn to me as she loves to use it for her crochet. I also used Rico Ricorumi Lamé in gold and Sirdar Hayfield Bonus in black for the embellishments.

The Stylecraft chunky knit up really quickly and the instarsia was straightforward.

The jumper was knit up in pieces and then sewn together at the end using a mattress stitch, another first for me.

Look at those eyelashes, I sewed them in double thickness yarn.

The unicorn horn took a bit of work, it was actually more difficult to do this than add on the mane.

The mane was fun to add on and the gold yarn makes it look special. I didn’t add on any of the suggested stars on the front of the jumper as I thought that yarn was a bit scratchy and I thought it might irritate Miss P if it was there. I also didn’t sew the neckband as suggested as I wanted to be sure she could get it over her head so I did a stretchy bind off.

So here she is wearing the finished jumper after I gifted it to her at her birthday last week.

She’s such a cutie and I’m relieved that the jumper fit her with a bit of growing room too.

Jean X

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      1. Thank you for your reply. My link to ravelry also work but if you click on where it needs to take you to where you need to buy the pattern that part does not work. It says “the page you have requested does not exist”

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