The Simpler Sinister Sweater

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a blog post so I’m starting back with a post about my most recent finished object.

For a while I have wanted to knit myself a colourwork sweater. I thought a fingering weight one would take too long so I searched for a DK weight one online. I found the Simpler Sinister Sweater on Ravelry and thought it was a fun design that would be perfect for a cat mama like me 😻.

Wanting to knit it in 100% wool I chose Drops Karisma as it was in my budget. The colours are Light Oak (a warm grey colour) for the body and Petrol for the yoke and cuffs.

The jumper started working up very quickly.

I changed knitting needle length half way through the body. I had been knitting using the magic loop method but it was slowing down my knitting having to adjust the loops. Once I bought shorter needles the knitting sped up so much and I quickly finished the body and hem.

It took me 2 months to finish the jumper but that is with me mostly knitting at weekends and taking a break during the week.

Once I got it washed and dried I wore it this weekend while out for a woodland walk.

I have never really appreciated how warm a 100% woollen jumper is to wear when it’s cold outside. I would say that the Drops Karisma is a bit prickly to wear so I had a long sleeved top on underneath.

I would recommend this pattern to any beginner knitters who want to knit their 1st garment. The pattern has 16 sizes suitable for children and adults size 17.5″ to 64″ chest.

I’ll be back soon with some more posts about my previous makes I haven’t shared with you.

Take care and stay safe.

Jean X

4 thoughts on “The Simpler Sinister Sweater

  1. Jean that is so adorable! You are amazing. it’s so nice to see you’re still creating. This summer I knitted some “snug rugs” for my friends and myself. I call them that, but they are like a shrug only bigger with big armholes. It’s just a rectangle that is sewn for the arms and you wear it like a blanket around you. It’s big on Pinterest. I found a very easy pattern and tried my hand at circular needles for the first time. I did it! I was so proud. Your sweater looks more intricate for such as beginner as myself. Adding on sleeves and working in a design – yikes! But maybe some day….

    Love to see more from you. Have a delightful autumn – I was going to say Thanksgiving, because I’m in the states, but well, Thanksgiving is for every day – yes?


    Leisure Lane

    1. Shrugs are cosy, I’m sure your friends love the ones you knitted for them.
      Circular needles are brilliant to use, especially if you have sore hands/wrists from knitting on straight needles.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you, I hope you have a lovely day with family/friends. Stay healthy ❤️

  2. P.S. I knitted the snug rugs and we are still having 70 degree F temperatures! oh, brother. Hopefully, we’ll be able to use them soon…snuggling up with a hot cuppa…

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