Elevenses Cardigan

Such a cute cardigan I knit it twice!

I knit the grey cardigan during the summer as a present for my new little nephew.

Baby N has older brothers and a sister so he is not short of hand me downs. I wanted to make something a little bit different so fell in love with the Elevenses pattern by Froginette Knitting.

Its little collar and tiny pockets ❤️.

I chose to knit it in a grey Aran weight Drops Big Merino, which is lovely and soft, plus the wool is machine washable, which is perfect for a baby garment.

The 3 month old size actually knit up quite quickly and if you worked on it non-stop you could have it done in several days.

The buttons are from my button box, it’s great to have this stash. My youngest daughter used to love sorting through the buttons when she was little and she really enjoyed rooting through it again for these cardigan buttons.

Fast forward to last month when his Mum asked if I could knit him another cardigan for the festive season, this time in red.

This was knit in the 6 month old size

Baby knits are so satisfying to make as they are made quickly and you can see real progress after a couple of hours knitting.

Do any of you have a tried and tested baby knit pattern you go back to? I’d love to hear.

If you have a baby in your life and need a quick knit for Christmas then this would be the perfect knit for you.

Speak soon
Jean X

2 thoughts on “Elevenses Cardigan

  1. Jean, these are darling! I love the colors and, I agree, the pattern is as sweet as can be. Such a creative aunt. Oh, tell your daughter that I, too, loved rummaging through my mother’s button stash. All the different shapes and colors were so enticing to me. And, honestly, I STILL love going through buttons.

    I used to crochet some very sweet baby sweaters, and started a series called “Tag-along-Teddys”. My cousin, in another state, asked me to send me the two I had made so she could show them to some prospected buyers. I never saw them again. She said she didn’t know what she did with them, and I guess has never bothered to look. I think I should have known better. Oh, well – live and learn. Thanks for sharing your newest creations. Keep creating, sweet Jean.



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