Fuss Free Mitts

In my last post a shared a pair of socks that I had knit for my eldest daughter. In this post I share a pair of mitts I made for my youngest daughter.

I saw the pattern for these mitts on an Instagram post shared by Louise Tilbrook Designs.

The pattern suggested that these would be a quick and easy knit , which was ideal for me.

I chose this gorgeous DK yarn from my stash, a 70% wool 30% hemp blend by Adriafil.

The yarn was lovely to knit with, the silkiness of the hemp was more pleasant to work with than I had anticipated.

It took me 2 evenings to finish the mitts.

They are very comfortable to wear, such a shame they’re not for me, however I do a blue ball of the Adriafil WoCa in my stash….

Until next time when I hope to share my round up of my 2020 makes.

One thought on “Fuss Free Mitts

  1. Jean, good day! I hope you had a lovely Christmas enough to bring the light of it into this new year. These are lovely mitts, and your daughter will delight in them, I’m sure. Very pretty color. Thank you for sharing your talented craft. Joy to you, my knitting friend and may you enjoy a very blessed 2021.



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