Betty Bear

Ok I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to these characters from the Animal Friends of Pica Pau book.

I decided to create a little bear for my 9 year old daughter. I found a bag of scrap Scheepjes Stonewashed from a granny square blanket I made last March.

Using up those Scheepjes Stonewashed scraps

The plan was to follow the ‘Hans Grizzly Bear’ pattern from the book but I ended up making some changes to it.

I shortened the arms and legs by 3 rounds, I felt they were just a bit too long for the overall body. On the 2nd arm when it came to adding in the stripes at the top I moved the BOR stitch marker round to the other side of the arm so that the stripe jog would be on the inside of the arm.

It took me 2 days to finish the bear, however due to me being intense with it I ended up with a blister on a finger, maybe I just gripped the hook too hard.

Betty Bear

So here’s the finished bear, a bit different from the pattern in the book. I asked Miss E if she would like a skirt on the bear and she agreed that it would look better with a skirt on. So I picked up the front stitches at the bottom of the top. I crocheted a couple of rounds with increases and then a couple of rounds with decreases to give it a bubble skirt kind of look.

Once I had finished the bear Miss E decided that it would be called Betty, but also that she needed something else. Now Miss E has been learning how to crochet and she decided that Betty needed a gilet. She chose the yarn and created the gilet herself will no pattern. I was very important with her finished gilet, it looks really good, a perfect fit and cosy too.

The gilet Miss E made herself

I took a photo of her holding the finished bear. She’s very pleased with her work and was quick to ask for a flick through the book, maybe she has ideas of a project to crochet herself.

Miss E and Betty Bear

Stay safe
Jean x

2 thoughts on “Betty Bear

  1. This one is SUPER pretty! You daughter is a champ, I wouldn’t have been able to pull this at her age. The gilet looks great with the skirt! It’s such a beautiful toy, no wonder she is enamoured with it. 🙂 (I really might have to try and get my hands on this book)

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