How to crochet

I was taught how to crochet as a child by my Granny and my Mum. They showed me how to do a granny square, such an easy method using treble stitches, just going round and round until I ended up with n a blanket as big as myself.

I was lucky enough to have those building blocks. However, I put down the crochet hook and didn’t pick it up again until many years later when I was expecting my 2nd child.

The blanket that got me doing crochet again, I made it when I pregnant.

Recently at a Zoom craft night I was reminded that some people find the basics of crochet confusing and because of this they just stick to the one method of crochet they know.

Perhaps you were never taught and would love to learn how to crochet. Inspired by my fellow Zoom crafters I have created 2 videos that can teach you in the comfort of your own home.

You can learn how to crochet in rows

and how to crochet a solid granny square.

Once you know the basics you can carry on and make as big a piece as you want. I have to say that I love the solid granny square method, in fact last year I created a blanket made up of lots of multicoloured solid granny squares.

Solid granny square blanket

So give it a go, if you need someone to teach you or just refresh your memory then my videos are my YouTube channel.

Speak soon
Jean x

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