Huge socks

Hand knit socks are great gifts for those nearest and dearest to you. I mean, you have to really love someone to knit them socks, don’t you think?

I have knit socks for myself (of course), my daughters, my Mum and my sister. My husband, however was feeling a little left out. He’s heard me raving for years about how woollen handknit socks were lovely and so comfortable to wear and yet he didn’t have a pair….

until now!

The main reason I hadn’t knit him socks is that he has big feet, he wears size 11.5 UK shoes. I’m used to knitting socks for size 5/6 feet so I knew it would take me longer to knit for him.

I chose the Hermione’s Everyday Socks pattern, if I was going to knit for so long I wanted an interesting texture to hold my attention. I had contemplated knitting them years ago as a beginner but thought it was too complicated for my skills. How times change 😄. I printed off the pattern and then hunted through my stash for a suitable yarn.

I decided on this combination, I wasn’t sure if 100g of Woolly Adventures yarn (it’s an old one so I don’t think they dye it any more) would be enough to knit the socks so I chose a contrasting mini to do the cuffs just incase.

My husband has narrow ankles and a high instep with wide feet so I had to made a few alterations to the pattern as I encountered them. The cast on 64 stitches were perfect for his ankles but too narrow for his feet. I extended the heel flap and then picked up 26 stitches up each side of it. This gave a total of 102 stitches which I then decreased in the gusset giving a final 72 stitch sock circumference.

Making these changes would have had me running for the hills years ago but as I’m becoming a more experienced knitter I am gaining the confidence to make such modifications. That’s one thing I love about knitting, gently expanding your creative horizons can open up new possibilities.

I decided to do my favourite star toe as it doesn’t involve the kitchener stitch. Overall it took me 16 days to knit these. Longer than my average but not the weeks/months I was envisioning – win!

So today he wore them for the 1st time. His thoughts? “When can you knit me another pair?”

Jean x

3 thoughts on “Huge socks

  1. Ohhh, the came out beautiful! The colours are great, and the combo with the pattern is really nice! No wonder he wants another pair. 😉

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