Thistle hat

I was looking through my stash and I came across some lovely blue Drops Air that I had bought back in 2018 along with a grey ball. I had knit a grey hat and remembered how lovely and light it was to wear. That hat has long since gone 😢 so I decided that I’d knit another hat with the blue wool.

I searched Ravelry for hat patterns knit using Drops Air and saw what it suggested when I found the Thistle hat pattern.

This hat involved some new to me techniques which were tricky to start with but once I consulted YouTube I kind of knew what to do.

I had several obstacles, the length of the hat and the nupps. I knit the adult size and the circumference was correct on my head but it was just too short, I know it’s supposed to be a close fitting beanie but I like my hats to go over my ears. I put the hat into timeout overnight and tackled the issues the next day.

I cut the top of the hat off and unraveled the crown yarn back to the body. I then knit another body pattern repeat before tackling the crown again, thus increasing the hat length by over an inch so that it covers my ears.

The 11.5cm long pen is for scale.

Once I was happy with the length I decided to tackle the nupps. Now nupps are like little bobbles in the knitting. I had real trouble knitting these with the knitting needles as suggested so I used an alternative method of using a crochet hook which was a lot easier. However once the hat was completed I found that all the nupps had popped back through the back of the fabric and there was lots of lovely bobbles on the inside of the hat and not on the outside where they were supposed to be.

As you can see on the left the nupps are all sunken. The hat was also quite holey around the nupps, this was probably due to my tension being loose however I did read that other knitters had the same problem.

I decided to tack in behind each nupp closing the hole that let it in the back, thus tackling both problems of the holes and sunken nupps with 1 fix.

As you can see the nupps are nice and prominent and along with the long stitches they actually do look more like thistle flowers as the name suggests.

I’m a lot happier with the finished hat now, I’m glad I took the time to make the changes. It was a quick make and would be a good present though be warned those nupps are tricky.

Speak soon
Jean x

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