How to crochet a bunny rabbit in 1 hour!

A quick and easy video tutorial, suitable for beginners, showing you how to crochet a bunny rabbit using a single square of crochet fabric and the best bit – it only took me an hour! This would be a great Easter gift or a present for someone who likes rabbits. Hey who wouldn’t want an amigurumi rabbit.

Back in 2015 I saw a link to a free photo tutorial of how to knit a bunny from a square on a friend’s Pinterest. I saved the link and was inspired to make a couple of knitted bunnies and wondered if a crocheted bunny would look as good, so I made one.
Fast forward to 2021 and I now have my YouTube channel so I thought that I’d share a new video of me making a crocheted bunny.
Materials required:
Yarn (3 different colours for body, tail and nose), ribbon, crochet hook, toy filling, safety eyes, scissors and a tapestry needle.

You can make it as big or as small as you wish out of whatever yarn you have to hand, just as long as you have enough to crochet the size of square you wish. I wouldn’t use a crochet hook that’s too big as this would create gaps in the fabric through which the stuffing could be seen through.
This is made using UK crochet terms.

I crocheted the tail using a 4tr bobble stitch, however I decided it wasn’t big enough so i repeated the steps until I got a suitable sized bobble. You can use as many tr as you wish, the more tr the bigger the bobble.

4tr-bob instructions = *yo, insert the hook in the stitch, yo and pull loop back through stitch, yo and pull through the first 2 loops on hook* rep from * to * 3 more times always working in the same stitch, yo and pull through the 5 loops on hook.

This bunny design is not suitable for young children. I have used 6mm safety eyes in this project but if you prefer you can embroider eyes in place as well as the nose.

I show you how to begin the crochet square, how to insert the eyes and the finishing touches.

I crocheted a 30ch square, it maybe take you longer to make if you have a longer chain or if you’re an inexperienced or slow crocheter. Don’t worry though, half the fun is in the making.

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