Creative Pixie butterfly cosy close up

creative pixie knitted Easter bunny

creative pixie crochet Easter bunny face

creative pixie crochet cardigan Miss E

MIM ripple cowl funny hands

MIM creative pixie bower bird and dahlia

granny heart crochet MIM creative pixie

finished flower brooch creative pixie MIM


Creative pixie sister scarf

creative pixie hubby scarf

creative pixie crochet coasters

Creative Pixie crochet beard

Creative Pixie Kindle cover 3

Creative Pixie crochet pumpkins

crochet circles in a square

creative pixie orange shrug

yellow star full web

Creative Pixie basket weave blanket

finished bag 2

cowl close up

blanket on washing line

Baby gnome

pink and blue bears

18 squares

Crochet heart bunting (April 2012)

I made this as a house warming gift for my brother and his wife.

Blooming flower cushion (February 2012)

The front side (the frilly side)


Elsie blanket (2011)

I made this before Elsie was born and since I didn’t know I was having a girl I thought I’d make it gender neutral just in case.

Dedication dress (January 2012)

I decided at the end of December (2011) that I would crochet Elsie a dress for her Dedication ceremony. I wanted to create an heirloom piece so chose a Sublime bamboo/silk mix yarn in a silvery white colour. The buttons were mother of pearl and the ribbon was a silver velvet. The pattern was given to me by a my friend Jennifer’s mother. It was a design from the 1970’s that I used for my inspiration and I altered  it to get the look I wanted.

The back of Elsie’s dedication dress

A closer look at the top/front of the dress shows the design off to its full effect.

The front of Elsie’s dress

The dress will now be washed and put away in Elsie’s memory box (maybe she’ll dress her own children in it).

Kimono cardigan (June 2011)

The very first piece of clothing I crocheted was a little kimono cardigan for Elsie. Over the course of a couple of weeks I made (and remade) various sections of the cardigan. Finally I was happy with the finished item – it’s a shame she only got a couple of months wear out of it.

A baby kimono cardigan. I made this for Elsie when she was 2 months old.

18 thoughts on “Crochet/knitting

  1. You go girl! How wounderful to leave such beautiful heirlooms. The dresses and all the things I crochet for my daughter she is now using on my granddaughter. Makes me think I should creat some more heirlooms for my daughter. Thanks for awaking those thoughts.

  2. These are wonderful! I have several blankets that my Nana crocheted, and they are beautiful, loving reminders of her for me. You are creating beautiful, loving memories for your daughter, as well. 🙂

  3. I’m sure your daughter will treasure her lovely dress…it’s lovely! My mum crocheted my christening dress and also my sister’s…back in the 70’s! When my daughter was christened a few years ago she wore my old dress and my mum crocheted some new booties and a bonnet! These handmade pieces are made with love and care…so so special.

  4. Crochet, crochet, crochet… I wish, I could crochet a granny square blanket, but … in German we say ” ich habe zwei linke Hände, für so was” 😀
    Lovely blog!

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