A teacher gift – personalised felt & fabric keyring tutorial

Here in Northern Ireland the schools end for the summer break this Friday 28th June. As my daughter is finishing her 1st year of school I wanted to make something for her teachers and teaching assistant to say thank you for making her year so enjoyable.

finished 3 keyrings

Teachers are always misplacing their keys so I came up with the idea of giving these ladies some personalised keyrings that are easily identifiable.

Below is a tutorial  if anyone else wants to give it a go.materials for keyring

To make Mrs P’s keyring you will need some: fabric, felt, heat ‘n’ seal (H ‘n’ S), ribbon, thread, buttons, a key ring.

 note: when sewing on the machine I did the lettering and the borders a couple of times to make them stand out. This doesn’t need to  perfect, in fact the imperfection in the stitching adds to its effectiveness: ideal for the novice stitcher!

Step 1: Draw 2 different sized circles as a template. The large circle will be the back of the keyring and the smaller circle will be for the front.draw circles Step 2: Place the larger template on a piece of felt, draw round  and cut out.circle on felt Step 3: Cut out a piece of fabric large enough for both circle templates. Repeat for the piece of H ‘n’ S. Place the H ‘n’ S on the wrong side of the fabric and iron to bond. heat and seal
Step 4: Place the large and small templates on the H ‘n’ S, draw round and cut out. You now have 2 circles of fabric and 1 of felt.3 circles  Step 5: Peel the paper backing off the small fabric circle and place the wrong side down on top of the felt circle. Iron to bond.fabric ironed on felt Step 6:  Sew round the inner edge of the fabric circle.sew border
Step 7: Embroider using the sewing machine the name you want to put on the keyring. wording Step 8: Cut a small length of ribbon and loop through a keyring. Pin to the back of the keyring. Sew a couple of stitches to secure.pin ribbon Step 9: Unpeel the backing from the larger fabric circle and place wrong side down on the back of the felt. Iron to bond.iron backing fabric
Step 10: Sew round the inner edge of the larger fabric circle.sew back fabric Step 11:  Sew 2 buttons together, then secure to the front of the keyring.button

The finished keyring for Mrs P:

finished mrs p

To make a slightly different keyring for Mrs K  I used the same method as Mrs P but I also added some ric-rac to the front.

mrs K

For Mrs H, I decided to give her keyring a wavy felt edge .

mrs H

So here are the 3 keyrings ready to be given to their wonderful new owners.

crayons and keyrings

Thanks to Mrs P, Mrs H and Mrs K for all their hard work this year, Poppy’s P2 teacher has a lot to live up to 🙂 .

19 thoughts on “A teacher gift – personalised felt & fabric keyring tutorial

    1. I hope it’s clear enough, I had a lot more photos but decided that there was too many so cut it back.

  1. What a great idea Jean! I love that you can use all those scraps of fabric, trims, and buttons that I know you can’t throw away. 😉 Thanks for the idea and the tutorial. Hugs, Tamara

    1. I had great fun going through my button jars, then left my 2 year old to play putting them all back.

  2. Love this idea! I too have lots of old buttons (you can never have too many I reckon). what a fabulous way to use them. Thank you for the clear instructions! I think I’ll be making some for my daughter’s preschool teachers at the end of the year. 🙂

    1. Glad you could follow the instructions ok. I’ll look forward to seeing what you make 🙂

    1. Thanks. It’s a make that’s surprised me by its popularity. Maybe I should make something similar again.

  3. Oh my goodness, they are so cute!! I love the idea, and they’re so colorful fun to look at. I’m sure they loved them!


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