Crochet gifts

This Easter I decided to make little yarny gifts for the children in my family to accompany their chocolate Easter eggs.

For the girls I made them little bunnies as featured in previous posts (click on the bunnies to take you to the relevant post).

creative pixie knitted Easter bunny

creative pixie crochet Easter bunny


For the boys I wanted to make them something a bit quirky. I found a pattern for some crochet eggs on the Toft Alpaca Shop website. Once they were made I thought that I would add some personalisation by sewing on each boys initial to their own egg.

j and s crochet eggsH crochet egg

For my nephew Charlie, his mother (my sister), had requested I crochet something she had seen I had pinned on Pinterest. It was a crochet minion granny square from Repeat Crafter Me.

C crochet minion
Here’s my finished square (unblocked).

This pattern was simple to follow and the block was surprisingly easy to make. The only difference is that instead of using a black button for the eye I crocheted a black circle.

Now the plan was to make the block into something so I asked Charlie if he’d like it made into a little cushion or a blanket and he said no that he liked it as it was. Well lucky me that’s saved me a lot of work and he has ended up with a gift just as he wanted.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break.


10 thoughts on “Crochet gifts

    1. I have a book on crochet food but have yet to make something from it. I was tempted by the cakes and buns on the cover 😉

  1. So sweet, and Charlie is a typical child, no fuss-muss…He loves his square as is and it’s something he’ll always have from his loving aunt.

    Have a delightful weekend, Jean,

  2. Wow I need to make the minion square… I feel the need for this pattern… I haven’t been so excited about a granny square since I made hello kitty ones!!!!

      1. I will find it for u this week, I definitely have a print out if I can’t find the link…

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