Baby Bohéme Sweater

Today is my darling niece Penny’s 2nd birthday. My gift to her was this colourwork sweater.

I wanted to build upon my new knitting skills as eventually I’d like to knit myself a yoked jumper but thought that I best practice by knitting a little jumper first.

I first came across this design on Instagram, I saw this gorgeous photo of 6 cousins all in a row wearing their jumpers – how adorable!

Pattern description from the adult sized Bohéme sweater on Ravelry.

Basic pattern info
This yoked sweater is knitted in the round, from bottom up with seamless sleeves. This is a Faroese (or Icelandic) yoke, knitted with two colours, as the original Fair Isle style patterns. This sweater design is inspired by a over hundred years old Faroese stranded pattern, which I have altered a little.

Skills required
Knit and purl, cast-on and bind-off. Decreasing and increasing. Stranded colorwork. Working from chart and working in the round with circular needles.

Once I bought the Baby Bohéme pattern I had a read through and once I was confident that I could actually knit it I bought some wool and needles to make a start. The wool I chose was Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply. This is an extrafine merino superwash wool which is beautifully soft and machine washable – win! I consulted my sister as to which colour would she like for the contrast colour and she wanted a pale pink or purple. I went for the purple as this would give more contrast against the main white colour.

I started knitting on 1st October and finished on 4th November. It was a quick knit but not without its issues. I had to rip back the first sleeve as I had read the pattern wrong… I discovered this fault when I was almost at the armpit and the look on my children’s faces when they saw me unravel several inches was a picture of horror.

I found it a bit unusual knitting from the cuffs upwards but once I had it joined at the yoke it was fine.

I have learnt so much from this little project (I still need to work on my tension) and would advise anyone who’s new to colourwork to knit up a little baby version of a project (if possible) before they attempt an adult sized version.

I have a couple of handmade items still to share with you but it will be after Christmas before I can do that 😉.

Take care.

Jean x

Pattern: Baby Bohéme Sweater by Randi Hjelm Debes (

Wool: Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply main colour- 22001 contrast colour- 22054

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