Tangles Socks

I have my first finished object of 2021 to share with you today.

Fresh from finishing a vanilla pair of socks for my eldest daughter I wanted to knit a more complex pair and found the ideal pattern in the recently released Tangles Socks by Vikki Bird.

These socks have a really interesting heel design, there’s no heel flap, it’s all done with increases and decreases.

There is also a cable pattern down the outside of each leg and foot.

It took me 11 days to knit the first sock and then 5 days for the second one. Once I knew what I was doing it was easier to complete following the notes that I had made. I’m a big fan of printing out patterns and tallying rows and this was essential for noting rows and cable row numbers so that my second sock would match the first.

I forgot to mention that the yarn is a gorgeous OOAK from Dye Candy, I had it in my stash for a while, just waiting for the perfect project. It’s a buttery soft merino sock yarn that is perfect for the socks and a dream to work with.

Overall I’m pleased at how these turned out. They look and feel great on, the sizing was perfect.

Do you have any sock patterns you can recommend? I think this year I’d like to try knitting more patterned socks.

I tried explaining to my husband what it is I love about sock knitting and I think that it’s fun knowing simple stitches can create complex designs. By trying new patterns it is a bit like a new 3d puzzle.

Hope to catch up again soon.


10 thoughts on “Tangles Socks

  1. Wow – bright and happy for sure! It’s an amazing pair, I bet they will be loved. 🙂 One of the patterns I always recommend is “Charade”, otherwise I really love Caoua Coffee’s patterns!

    1. Thank you. The yarn had been in my stash for a couple of years. It’s perfect for these socks and they’ve washed so well.

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