Origami animals

I work in a school and last week the school librarian held a competition. It was name a paper swan that her grown-up son had so skillfully made from pieces of paper slotted together – I’d never seen anything like it before.

Kanji swan

Her son chose the name that he liked best and then picked 5 runners up. Unfortunately I did not win the big prize (the prize was awarded to a pupil who had given it the name ‘Kanji’ which apparently means peace in Japanese), but I was a runner-up for putting in the name ‘Osmina’, random I know but that’s what I thought it should be (and there’s a little nod to the Wizard of Oz books there somewhere).

My prize was a tiny origami bird, which now sits on my desk at work. Such a happy little fellow, looking all fancy in his fabric print paper πŸ™‚

origami bird

This inspired me to make some little origami animals to keep my girls busy on a rainy afternoon.

Using ‘The Amazing Book Of Origami’Β (borrowed from a friend) we made some swans of our own.

Here’s one Miss P made. When I asked if she wanted to colour it in she said, ” No, swans are beautifully white!” Ok that’s me told off.

Origami swan

Then we decided to make some rabbits. Look at the concentration on their faces while colouring them in.

Miss P and rabbit

Miss E and rabbit

The finished rabbits are very cute though needed propping up.

origami rabbits

Miss P flicked through the book and decided to make something a bit more adventurous – a dog which had separate head and body parts.

Origami dog

It out rather well, the jaunty head angle makes it I think. We had fun and maybe we’ll tackle the other animals in the coming months as the dark days draw in.

Does anyone else have any other rainy day activities they can recommend?


20 thoughts on “Origami animals

    1. They love baking and that’s something they do with their Dad (when he’s feeling up to it). They all love to make a mess in the kitchen and it makes me crazy so I leave them to it…however I do like to eat the products of their baking πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks. These were the most basic ones on the book. Miss P wanted to make a giraffe – I said “maybe some other time”.

      1. Yes origami it is so fun to make but sometimes could be a little challenge πŸ™‚

    1. Aw bless him, I avoided the Hama beads for a couple of years as I was frightened of Miss E getting hold of them while she was a baby. They would make a good Christmas craft for tree decorations. Thanks for the suggestion.

  1. I love that dog!!
    Our favourite rainy day inside activity is making forts in the lounge room – even now that they are getting bigger, a broomstick, some sheets and blankets and chairs keeps everyone happy for hours!

    1. Thanks. The girls loved it when we had a giant cardboard box and they used that as a den – it was in our living room for 2 months!

  2. Great idea on a rainy day, and your girls are adorable, and most creative like their mom. I love the rabbits and dog πŸ™‚

    Blessings to you and your family,
    Marianne xo

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