Make it Monday: summer crochet

Well here we are – the 1st week of the summer holidays has passed and I’ve been thinking of crochet.

I know crochet in the summer is far from ideal (do you really want to working with yarn it’s so warm) so I went onto Pinterest to see if I could get some summer crochet inspiration.

Here’s some of my favourite:

Creative Pixie summer crochet ideas


Click on the enlarged photos to go to the original tutorials.

Flower pot stand

Heart garland

Crochet Heart Garland

Rainbow sherbert throw pillow


Rainbow nesting baskets


Fairy toadstool house

Crochet toadstool

Cactus pincushion

Cactus Pin Cushion.

Rainbow happy fun pouch

Rainbow Happy Fun Pouch :: Free Crochet Pattern!

Fruit coasters

Ooh love a bit of crochet, now which one shall I do 1st?!

Have a great week.

Jean x

13 thoughts on “Make it Monday: summer crochet

  1. Things are fun! I think I might make the pincushion cactus for a friend. I made the fruit coasters last year, using left-over yarn from other projects, and they were super cute.

    1. The cactus is sweet, also the little mushroom house… I think they’re all lovely I just don’t have the time to make everything. As for selling them – no I just make things as gifts.

  2. Great collection all those lovely bright colours, I love the mushroom I knitted one myself about a year ago for a friend. I like the heart garland. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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